Loan and mandate contract – information.

Each of us sometimes needs extra cash. This can be associated with an unexpected expense, such as a broken washing machine, fridge or illness in the family, or a desire to enjoy yourself from time to time. In such situations, usually the first solution that comes to mind is consumer credit. Unfortunately, usually taking advantage of the bank loan offer is connected with the need to present a work certificate confirming that we are employed for an indefinite contract. However, what to do if we work on a commission contract?

Loan and mandate contract – what should you know?

Loan and mandate contract - what should you know?

Unfortunately, the policy of banks is very restrictive. It is not enough that we prove even very high income – the bank requires proof that we will have the same amounts in the future. For this reason, usually consumer loans offered in the bank are only for people employed under an indefinite employment contract.

However, the situation is different for non-bank loans. Short-term contracts can be obtained without extensive formalities, often all you need is proof. Their offer is very wide. For this reason, even if you do not work for an indefinite contract, you can borrow money without major problems.

Payday loans on commission contract

Payday loans on commission contract

What is payday pay? It is a convenient loan offered to anyone between 20 and 70 years of age who can show a stable income – in any form! In this way, you can borrow money from 500 to 10,000 USD. Importantly, this loan, unlike most popular payday loans, works exactly like a loan: you don’t have to pay back the entire amount right away, your commitment can be spread over convenient installments.

Loan and mandate contract – how to get a loan?

Loan and mandate contract - how to get a loan?

Obtaining payday evidence as proof is very easy. We will do this by submitting the application online. We will have to register on the site and complete a simple form in which we will provide our personal data and sources of income. Then we have two options to confirm the identity – the first one is to make a transfer for the amount of USD 0.01, the second is the Kontomanik automatic verification system.

The application is processed very quickly – you often receive money on your account the same day. You can also collect them at the post office using the giro check. The whole procedure is very fast and the website is easy to use.

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