Foreclosure Loan – Options?



Execution comes when we are unable to repay our obligations. It is the enforcement of a decision in which a person authorized by the state, ie a bailiff, enforces your outstanding obligation to the creditor from you. This can be basically anyone, from a private person to a telecommunications operator, but there are also very common cases where you get into the hands of an executor due to problems with repayment of a loan.

Most people find themselves in such financial distress for objective reasons, such as job losses and the associated stable income. Or, say, because of a serious illness for which you have to take a lower paid job or work part-time, in the worst case you will remain on a disability pension.

Of course, financial difficulties can also arise for subjective reasons: these are all situations in which you can, as the saying goes, “you can do it yourself.” For example, if your total income is reduced and you do not adjust your family budget to this situation, ie you will not reduce your expenses to the most necessary extent. Accounts, including any debts, need to be paid and you suddenly find that you have nothing to lose.

Top solution – agree on a repayment schedule with the executor


Top solution - agree on a repayment schedule with the executor

According to statistics, the number of unfinished executions in the country is around 3 million, and approximately 500,000 new execution proceedings are initiated each year. So this is really not an isolated problem!

The good news is that even if the executor knocks on your door, it still doesn’t mean that there is no way out of this awkward situation. The first option is to agree with the executor on a suitably set repayment calendar. It is also the most ideal solution we can recommend!

If you sign a repayment schedule agreement, your debt will be spread over a period of time and you will repay it gradually as if you were repaying a loan. However, the disadvantage is that the executor will block the assets in the execution proceedings, the value of which corresponds to the total amount you owe , and this will remain so until you settle your debts.

Another threat in the air is the fact that the executor will not discuss with you the change of the repayment schedule if he finds that you have problems with repayment. If such a situation occurs , your debt, together with the enforcement costs, becomes due immediately and the executor confiscates your property in the amount of the total debt.

Non-banknotes are also reluctant to lend to clients with foreclosure

Therefore, if for some reason – for example, because you do not want to have long-term blocked assets – you decide that you want to pay off the entire foreclosure debt promptly, you have the option of taking out a loan for this purpose. Such a scenario is also possible, but we must warn you that you will not have it easy at all. The vast majority of entities on the credit market – and now we are also talking about non-banking companies – will refuse any communication with you precisely because there is an execution proceeding against you!

If you are thinking of a bank loan, the probability of obtaining it is almost zero! Banks are interested in solvent clients, whom they know will not have major problems repaying their financial obligations. For this purpose, they always evaluate your creditworthiness before the actual approval (or non-approval) of the loan, and if they come to the conclusion through this analysis that you are so-called insensitive or creditworthy client, you can forget about the necessary financial injection!

Lenders are sure to establish a property

You have a better chance – although, as we have already mentioned, also not the most promising – if you look at the offer of non-banking companies after a suitable loan to pay for execution. But beware: without setting up a property, in the vast majority of cases, you will not get any money! Non-banknotes are also protected against disproportionate risk. And a client who is subject to execution due to inability to repay his current obligations is, for obvious reasons, in the first place in the ranking of risk!

If you do not own real estate, or your house or apartment is blocked due to ongoing enforcement proceedings, the chances of a loan being knocked out to pay for foreclosure are also very low for non-bank providers.

But there is one possibility. There are also loans to pay for execution without liability of real estate, but you must count on a maximum amount borrowed at a maximum of 1000 to 1500 dollars . However, if the executor is breathing down your neck due to a relatively low debt, for example due to unpaid arrears for gas or electricity, this type of loan is a suitable solution for you.

SMS LOANS – Simple as 1, 2, 3. Money in the account within 15 minutes!

SMS loan was the loan form that started around the year 2006 and quickly broke through as a big discussion bomb in Sweden. The loan form that originally started in Finland exploded completely and suddenly everyone wanted to borrow USD 3000 via sms. Nowadays there are no longer sms loans, but the fastest loans we have in Sweden are fast loans. A loan with a higher amount and a longer repayment period, but still pay off quickly.


Sms loans are a memory only

Sms loans are a memory only

Ugh what many people hated sms loans and then I do not mean the borrowers, but those who did not “need” to use the service. They decided that sms were the biggest crap on earth and black painted everything and everyone who had sms to do. If you had borrowed money via sms loan, you would definitely not tell anyone, but risk being declared unconstrained and sentenced as stupid in the head.

Now sms no longer exists. The service did not disappear as desired, but grew and became fast. Fast loans meant larger loan amounts, signing via BankID instead of via sms, a complicated income declaration to fill in when applying and and the opportunity to invoke repayment rights for the loan (at sky high costs) So everyone was happy and happy. NOT.


Quick blast away, away, you stupid parasite

mobile loans

No quick loans were not good either, but just as bad as SMS loans, most people thought. This is the way we cannot have it, the stupid parasite called fast loans must be banned, the rules changed and the people unmasked yet again. There are so many people who have no idea and understanding of what to do and put in. Gone your stupid parasite – we do an interest rate cap, so maybe these lenders stop lending money through quick loans.


Quick loans, sms loans, loans at all are not an impulse act, but a cry for help

Quick loans, sms loans, loans at all are not an impulse act, but a cry for help

You do not take out a loan if you do not need the loan. Making a loan application is a cry for help. You ask the lender for help when you have no advice or opportunity yourself. If a sms loan or fast loan, takes 15 minutes or 2 hours to get into the account, does not matter. You take these small loans because the banks that lend larger amounts do not want to lend small sums. Either because the income or the credit history is too bad, or because the loan amount is too small. And a bank that lends a large amount to you, either a credit without collateral or a mortgage, will get back a large amount in interest over the long time the loan is repaid (several years)

A small loan may have a higher cost of one month, but after that month everything is repaid. It is not possible to calculate the annual interest rate for a sms loan, since you do not borrow the money for a year. Then it would be expensive. But as the lenders for SMS loans did, that they lent out for example USD 1000 and took for this an interest, fee or whatever you want to call it, at USD 150 does not feel like the worst thing in the world. On the other hand, taking a mortgage and paying USD 8,000 in interest each month (about USD 100,000 a year, on the other hand, feels very sour. And yet the interest rate is very low)

But it is fortunate that we do not have sms loans, because they are no longer there. Now the lenders are rebuilding their products according to the law change. Now comes the annual loan instead. Exciting! And expensive!

Loan and mandate contract – information.

Each of us sometimes needs extra cash. This can be associated with an unexpected expense, such as a broken washing machine, fridge or illness in the family, or a desire to enjoy yourself from time to time. In such situations, usually the first solution that comes to mind is consumer credit. Unfortunately, usually taking advantage of the bank loan offer is connected with the need to present a work certificate confirming that we are employed for an indefinite contract. However, what to do if we work on a commission contract?

Loan and mandate contract – what should you know?

Loan and mandate contract - what should you know?

Unfortunately, the policy of banks is very restrictive. It is not enough that we prove even very high income – the bank requires proof that we will have the same amounts in the future. For this reason, usually consumer loans offered in the bank are only for people employed under an indefinite employment contract.

However, the situation is different for non-bank loans. Short-term contracts can be obtained without extensive formalities, often all you need is proof. Their offer is very wide. For this reason, even if you do not work for an indefinite contract, you can borrow money without major problems.

Payday loans on commission contract

Payday loans on commission contract

What is payday pay? It is a convenient loan offered to anyone between 20 and 70 years of age who can show a stable income – in any form! In this way, you can borrow money from 500 to 10,000 USD. Importantly, this loan, unlike most popular payday loans, works exactly like a loan: you don’t have to pay back the entire amount right away, your commitment can be spread over convenient installments.

Loan and mandate contract – how to get a loan?

Loan and mandate contract - how to get a loan?

Obtaining payday evidence as proof is very easy. We will do this by submitting the application online. We will have to register on the site and complete a simple form in which we will provide our personal data and sources of income. Then we have two options to confirm the identity – the first one is to make a transfer for the amount of USD 0.01, the second is the Kontomanik automatic verification system.

The application is processed very quickly – you often receive money on your account the same day. You can also collect them at the post office using the giro check. The whole procedure is very fast and the website is easy to use.

Mortgage lending can also be undertaken as a maturity loan or a floating rate loan

The bank cooperates with various financing partners on loans from its own portfolio.

Urgently needed money is available to customers

Urgently needed money is available to customers

These include, for example, the Best Bank and the Nice bank. This cooperation enables Best bank to provide financing tailored to the needs of the client. An immediate loan is paid out within two to three working days after approval by the bank. The urgently needed money is available to customers within a very short time. But sometimes it has to be faster. There is also a solution for this: Some direct banks also offer a so-called flash transfer. This flash transfer enables the money to be received in the customer account as a rule on the following working day. For this particularly quick payment of the instant loan, however, an additional fee is payable, which is usually around 15 to 20 USD.

Funding options include:

  • New construction and acquisition
  • modernization
  • Follow-up financing
  • Debt restructuring and
  • Acquisition with funding

Undertaken as a maturity loan or a floating rate loan

Undertaken as a maturity loan or a floating rate loan

For example, it is not only possible to access an annuity loan via the Best Bank. Mortgage lending can also be undertaken as a maturity loan or a floating rate loan.

Home. It becomes particularly expensive if development costs etc. have to be financed. For a building loan, it should therefore be as cheap as possible. At the same time, other conditions and framework conditions for financing count.

On its website, the bank states that it offers financing from an interest rate of 1.16 percent (annual percentage rate). At the same time, special repayments are possible with this financing. This means that every building owner can borrow more quickly from his property if, for example, bonus payments or Christmas bonuses go to debt service.

  • In real estate financing, a high degree of interest rate security pays off, especially when interest rates are low. The latter can be achieved through longer-term fixed interest rates ranging between ten and 15 years.

Framework conditions for the building loan

Building and loan associations in Germany have existed since the 19th century. With its entry into force in 1973, the building society law is much younger.

The latter is nevertheless of considerable importance, since it does not only regulate the securing of loans from building societies. With the Building Society Act, the legislature specifies in detail what tasks the building society may perform in detail.

Section 4 of the (Lite Lender) regulates, among other things, the question of which businesses may still be operated in parallel to the building society business. Pre-financing or interim financing as construction financing are therefore permitted. However, other consumer finance transactions do not belong in the area of ​​permitted transactions.

  • The Lite Lender also clearly regulates what options a building society has with regard to the use of funds. In addition to certain investments that are permitted, each building society must, for example, avoid exchange rate risks.

Full funding is not provided for in the building society law

Full funding is not provided for in the building society law

From the perspective of building owners, aspects that relate directly to building finance are much more interesting than the questions about investing customer funds. On the one hand, these are of course:

  • Minimum savings balance
  • Rating number and
  • Minimum saving time.

The way in which a home loan is secured also plays a role here. In this context, building societies cannot make their own decisions – at this point they are bound by the building society law.

Maximum loan value according to the building society law

Maximum loan value according to the building society law

The latter stipulates in Section 7 (1) Lite Lender that a pledge can be used as security up to a maximum of 80 percent of the mortgage value – in other words, lend it with a lien. The consequence: Without additional collateral, full financing of the property is not possible through the home loan.

According to the , there is no general requirement to secure real estate liens. Up to a certain (not named) amount, the building society can waive the lien. This also applies in the event that replacement collateral is available in the appropriate amount.

Cash machine – check the loans in your company!

Do you need a small loan up to USD 1,000 for emergency expenses? Do you want to have the funds in your account almost immediately? A good solution might be an offer from Good Finance! It provides loans from several proven companies. Who can apply for it? What does the process of applying for such funds look like? Do debtors have a chance? Advise!

Therefore, its activity consists not in borrowing funds, but in collecting applications, which it then sends to loan companies. The company’s goal is to provide the client with the best offer. The cash machine only offers online loans, and the service is directed especially to people who the bank has refused to grant a cash loan.

Is it worth borrowing via the Good Finance company? Opinions on the web are varied, so you should once again examine what Good Finance has to offer. Contacting the company directly is the best idea. However, before you decide on it, read our review!

How to take a loan from the cash machine?

How to take a loan from the cash machine?

The process in which the Good Finance loan will be granted is very simple and should not check your problems. How does it look step by step?

1. Set the loan amount and repayment time

First of all, you should use the sliders to choose the loan amount and repayment time. The convenient calculator available on the site will immediately tell you what the costs of contracting will be. So you will quickly find out, depending on your decision, the loan installment and the total amount to be repaid.

2. Complete the registration form

After confirming your choice with the “take a loan” button, you will go to the form in which you must provide all necessary data: name and surname, PESEL number and ID document numbers. Then enter the phone number, email address and password that you will use to log in to your customer panel. You confirm your willingness to take out a loan by marking the appropriate approvals. One more step awaits you.

3. Bank account verification

You verify the correctness of the bank account number provided by means of a transfer of USD 0.01. You can also use two other options: show energy bills from the last three months or send an account statement from the last thirty days.

4. E-mail confirmation of income

The next step is to send documents that confirm the receipt of regular income.

5. Wait for the loan decision and funds on the account

After completing all four steps, all you have to do is wait for the loan decision. If it is positive, the funds will be sent to your bank account.

Who can take a loan at the cash machine?

To be able to apply for a loan at Good Finance, you should meet all formal requirements. This way you have the best chance of making a positive decision. What are the conditions?

  • You must be between 20 and 67 years old.
  • You must have full legal capacity.
  • You may not have negative entries regarding your financial condition in the financial records.
  • You must have Polish citizenship.
  • You must have a bank account, email address and telephone number.

If you meet all of these rules, you have a great chance of a positive loan decision.

Loan costs with cash machines

Loan costs with cash machines

The great advantage of the services at Good Finance is the transparency of the loan offer. The loan broker makes no distinction in the terms of granting loans to new and regular customers. Everyone can apply for a minimum of USD 500 and a maximum of USD 1,000.

You can choose the repayment date from one to thirty days. The cash machine does not offer any discounts for new customers. You can’t get a free loan to start. Each commitment is charged with costs.

How are the costs for borrowing funds distributed via Good Finance? Let’s check it with an example!

If you borrow USD 500 for thirty days, the costs will be USD 132.70. What does it include?

  • interest rate of 10%,
  • commission equal to USD 40,
  • variable remuneration equal to 5.74 USD,
  • remuneration for the guarantor USD 85.

In total, you will have to donate USD 632.50

What is the client verification at Good Finance?

What is the client verification at Kasomat?

The verification of Good Finance customers is quite thorough. The company checks its borrowers in the MonitorInfo Economic Information Bureau. Thus, he has access to:

  • National Debt Register,
  • ERIF databases,
  • National Bureau of Economic Information.

If you are in one of the registers, you have very little chance of getting a loan through this broker. The cash machine does not verify the BIK debtors base.

Loan repayment in Good Finance

Loan repayment in Kasomat

You have a maximum of thirty days to pay back the loan at Good Finance. The exact deadline by which you must meet your obligations is based on your contract. You don’t have to wait for him. You can also pay back the loan earlier. This way you can avoid some of the costs. They will be reduced in proportion to the reduced repayment time.

What if you can’t pay the loan back on time? You have the option of postponing the repayment date by another thirty days. You just have to pay the current cost of the loan and the surety. It does not even require contact with a consultant. All you have to do is enter the client’s panel and press the “postpone repayment” button.

Loan at Good Finance – pros and cons

Loan at Kasomat - pros and cons

Good Finance is a company with extensive experience in granting non-bank loans. Using its services is a safe form of applying for funds. However, before you make the final decision to sign the contract, check the pros and cons of this offer.



  • there is no verification in BIK
  • relatively attractive loan costs
  • the option of extending the repayment date by another thirty days
  • transparent website
  • transparent terms of the offer
  • low maximum amount – only USD 1,000
  • verification in BIG InfoMonitor
  • the company is only an intermediary, it does not grant a loan itself